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    Korean rice cakes

    Steamed flour can also be pounded, shaped,

    or pan-fried to make tteok.

    Tteok has been enjoyed not only as desserts or seasonal delicacies, but also as meal. It can range from elaborated versions made of various colors, fragrances, and shapes using nuts, fruits, flowers, and namuls, to plain white rice tteok used in home cooking.

    Some common ingredients for many kinds of tteok are red bean, soybean, mung bean, mugwort, pumpkin, chestnut, pine nut, jujube, dried fruits, sesame seeds and oil, and honey.

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    Is a class of Korean rice cakes made with steamed

    Tteok is usually a food that is shared. Tteok offered to spirits are called boktteok ("good fortune rice cake") and shared with neighbours and relatives. It is also one of the celebratory food that cannot be missed in banquets, rites, and various festive events. Tteokguk ("rice cake soup") was shared to celebrate new year and songpyeon was shared on harvest festival.

  • The traditions of Korea

    Korean traditional cakes have long been shared among neighbors and friends on many occasions of happiness and sorrow.

    The cake shape, content, and color vary from one region to another. When neighbors gather to share traditional cakes they extend their warmth and kindred spirit to others in the community.

    Teok is largely divided into four categories, such as "steamed tteok" , "pounded tteok" , "boiled tteok" and "pan-fried tteok" . The steamed tteok is made by steaming rice or glutinous rice flour in "siru" , or a large earthenware steamer, so it is often called "sirutteok" . It is regarded as the basic and oldest form of tteok. The pounded tteok is made by using a pounding board or mortar after stamed first. The shaped tteok are made by kneading a dough with hot water which is usually shaped into balls.

  • representative rice cakes

    It is regarded as the basic and

    oldest form of tteok



    Is a kind of rice cake (tteok) made of rice flour dough.[1] It is originated in Korea and a prime part of Korean culture.



    Traditional Korean food made of glutinous rice. It is a type of tteok, small rice cakes.



    Korean rice ball cake is a type of tteok (rice cake) made of glutinous rice or other glutinous cereal flours.

  • representative rice cakes

    It is regarded as the basic and

    oldest form of tteok



    The rice flour steamed in siru is pounded into a dough, divided into small pieces, and patterned with a tteoksal.



    Is a variety of tteok (rice cake) made by steaming rice flour dough prepared with makgeolli (rice wine)



    Rainbow rice cake is a layered tteok (rice cake) of different colors resembling a rainbow.


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